The Young Leaders Academy(TYLA) is dedicated to providing top quality teaching to elementary, middle and high school students. Our innovative teachers, proven curriculum and challenging coursework provides your child with the foundation needed to achieve long term success. Passionate about teaching, our team brings out the best in each and every TYLA student. 

DEBATE: This program will introduce students to the basic concepts and strategies surrounding effective public speaking, argumentation, and academic debate in an engaging, yet rigorous way. As a member of the National Junior Forensic League (NJFL), students will participate in debate activities and competitions outside of the classroom instruction. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in the NJFL Nationals. 

WRITING:This program will strengthen persuasive, informative, and narrative writing skills. Our writing courses will also focus on improving critical thinking, grammar and reading comprehension abilities. Thorough feedback on writing performance will be provided to both parents and students throughout the session. 

PROGRAMMING:This program introduces Object Oriented Design and Java Programming Language. Students will learn critical Java Language constructs including Identifiers, Control Structures, and Data Structures. Algorithms and Recursion will also be introduced. Students will have the opportunity to work through a Case Study in order to prepare them for future advanced programming classes. 



      Sprig 2021 Sunday Online Debate Schedule:

Advanced Debate 7 and Up Sunday 11:00am - 1:00pm Online
Intro/Intermediate Debate 5 and Up Sunday 1:00pm - 3:00pm Online


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    190 Prospect Place, Alpharetta GA 30005
  • Online

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