Debate Courses

Debate Classes:
Young Leaders Academy (TYLA) provides challenging academic based enrichment programs to students who have a strong interest in middle and high school debate. TYLA students will be learn key concepts and strategies surrounding effective public speaking, argumentation, and academic debate. Students will garner skills in organization, research, persuasion, and conflict resolution. 
TYLA is a member of the National Junior Forensic League (NJFL), the national honor society for middle school speech and debate. This league sparks transformation in the lives of students by helping them become effective communicators, critical thinkers, and engaged members of our democratic society.
The program is open to all students entering 4th grade and above  (no previous debate experience required). Middle School students will have the opportunity to participate in various NJFL tournaments throughout the year which will ensure that our students gain first-hand competitive debate experience. They will also have an opportunity to participate in the Nationals in June.
TYLA offers three courses to students: Novice, Junior Varsity(JV) and Varsity
Course Grades
Novice 4th and 5th
Junior Varsity (JV) 6th, 7th and 8th 
Varsity 9th grade 
South East Regional Tournament: OCT 18th
Middle school students have an opportunity to go to 
SCJFL SE Regional Tournament Oct 18th
Resolved: On balance, public subsidies for professional athletic organizations in the United States benefit their local communities.
Bob Jones Academy
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd, 
Greenville, SC 29614
(864) 770-1395
All JV Students meet at TYLA Head office: 6pm-9pm
Sunday Oct 19th JV Classes will be cancelled.
All tournament participants leave TYLA  Head Office: 8am

Schedule at Bob Jones

        Registration:  11-11:30 am at the Markham Center

        Lunch:  11:30 at the Academy Amphitheater

        Round 1:   12:00 pm

        Round 2:  1:30 pm

        Round 3:  3:00 pm

        Awards:  TBA

Come back to TYLA Head Office: 8pm


FEE: $60 per student (Includes ride, snacks and lunch)


Last Date to Register: OCT 1st


Registration at and Register into a Program

Pick course name "SE Regionals: OCT-18"